The best hotels for gourmet delights and culinary highlights in Austria, Bavaria, & South Tyrol

Exquisite treats and culinary delights in our hotels in Austria & co

A secret tip for gourmets, self-claimed restaurant critiques, and true connoisseurs: Our gourmet hotels, offering much more than only excellent food. Enjoy exquisite ingredients, exceptional culinary creations, gracefully built arrangements, and excellent high-class wines and drinks. Experience food as a true work of art, prepared by our professional chefs and taste the most delightful wine, perfectly balancing your meal. A culinary gourmet journey, that will leave you wanting more. More regional delicacies, more exciting drinks, more pleasure. Full stop.

Vom Feinsten – relax and enjoy

Our recommendation for lovers of all things culinary: A gourmet holiday in Austria or its surroundings

Whether the culinary gourmet-meals are the centre of attention on your holiday, or rather the icing on the cake on your adventurous outdoor holiday: With Hotels Vom Feinsten the perfect holiday destination is only one click away.
Full on pampering, indulgence for all senses, pleasure, and the best of the best the local and international cuisine has to offer, it’s all right there. With delicate dishes and delectable drops, those hotels make sure the culinary experience will be one to be remembered.
Get inspired, discover a range of exciting destinations in Austria, Bavaria, and South Tyrol, and let the culinary highlights surprise you.

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