How hotels are contributing to being more environmentally friendly

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the hotel industry as travellers become more environmentally conscious and hotels look for eco-friendly practices. The installation of solar panels on rooftops already makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. Reducing single-use plastic products such as plastic bottles, disposable cups and single-use toiletries and replacing them with reusable alternatives is another step that many hotels are taking to reduce their environmental impact. Increasingly important collaboration with local suppliers for food and products strengthens the local economy and reduces the carbon footprint. Environment+ Hotels are committed to recycling programmes for paper, glass, plastic and other waste materials in all areas of the hotel.

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Often forgotten, but very effective, is the creation of green spaces and gardens around the hotel and the use of natural materials in the interior design. This not only enhances the aesthetics, but also helps to improve air quality. Very often, emphasis is placed on raising guests’ awareness of sustainable behaviour, for example by providing information about towel and bed linen recycling programmes. However, the option of receiving electronic invoices can also help to raise awareness of environmental issues.

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